A Portable, digital identity
for a complicated world

Keepable helps people and business protect their data and engage in more meaningful ways.

Keepable for Companies

Full GDPR Compliance

Complying with GDPR standards are essential for any business that transacts globally, however these standards can often be confusing and cumbersome. Keepable helps companies remain GDPR compliant by limiting the personal data it collects from consumers when browsing or transacting online.

Stop Fake Ads

Fake ads and bots cost companies billions of dollars on lost advertising each year. Companies like Facebook have little to no incentive to play fair as this accounts for a large part of their overall revenue structure.

Instant Brand Loyalty

Consumers generally distrust companies who they are unfamiliar with. We envision a smarter and much fairer system where all commerce participants are fully transparent and unique tastes can be specifically matched for targeted micro-advertising and high quality engagements.

Smarter Rewards and Perks

Pop-ups and discounted incentives can be customized to each individual, a group of participants or any other customized set, preventing wasted advertising costs on the wrong targets. This also lessens the burden of accessing multiple data sources, further reducing costs.

A Safer, Verifiable, Dataset

Because Keepable is fully transparent and verifiable, users can be rewarded for contributing data to their public profiles, without revealing sensitive information like emails, payment details or legal names.

For All Shapes and Sizes

Keepable can work with virtually any company, in any space, of any size. Whether you are a restraunture, a technology startup, a clothing boutique owner, or a big-box retailer, Keepable’s simple dashboard allow you to create unique advertising campaigns for highly targeted customers.

Keepable for Consumers

Perks, Rewards and Income

Keepable’s universal rewards system allows users to earn perks, rewards and income, what we call PRI, by sharing data with commercial interests, on your terms. Because your data is 100% verifiable, and controlled by you, it is both highly valuable and greatly sought after.

A Virtual Padlock

Keepable offers the next generation of digital consumer privacy and unequivocal data protection utilizing a range of security and encryption techniques to ensure that your data is secure including digital ledger (blockchain) technology. No data can be hacked or intercepted, owing to the encryption used.

Portable, KYC/AML identity verification

Using Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering processes originally developed for banking operations allows Keepable customers to fully trust and authenticate their data.

Fully Owned Digital Rights

You not only have complete control over your digital identity but most importantly, who has access to it.

Not a Token or a Cryptocurrency

Keepable utilizes blockchain technology, but is not a token or a cryptocurrency. This is an important distinction due to the inconsistent oversight and regulations that currently exists within cryptocurrency environment. With Keepable, there are no tokens or coins to purchase that allow the system to function.

Know Your Businesses

Just like our consumers, all companies who are in-network must undergo a screening process called KYB or Know Your Business. This means every company is fully transparent with core business procedures, like fraud prevention, environmental policies, customer feedback and reviews, and more. This allows you to have complete transparency over who you are transacting with, in real time.

Check Out the Lite Paper

Our public lite paper is available for download right now. This document contains further information about the company, our product and overall vision. Although Keepable is not a cryptocurrency, or an initial coin offering (ICO) we believe in fully disclosing our company as an investable venture. We believe it is important to disclose as much information as possible before our product is released to the general public. A full whitepaper is also being created to further outline our organizational ambitions.

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